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When they return home they find that all the people are missing and their pets and livestock are dead or dying. They come to realise that Australia has been invaded and their family and friends have been taken prisoner. Avoiding capture by enemy soldiers, as well as retrieving Robyn and Lee who were stuck in the town and picking up one of their school friends Chris, the group return to Hell.

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After short period of recovery they start making plans to fight back. Over the course of the first three books in the series, the group succeeds in destroying a bridge that leads into Wirrawee, an enemy convoy, several houses that are being used by the enemy as a center of operations, and a nearby strategic harbour. After the harbour raid, the surviving members of the group are eventually captured and placed in a maximum security prison in Stratton. During an air-raid by the Royal New Zealand Air Force the group escapes but loses yet another member while doing so. Book four, Darkness, Be My Friend , takes place several months later.

The group is trying to live a normal life in New Zealand with other refugees, but are haunted by their memories of the war which is still ongoing. They are approached by the New Zealand Defence Force , who are seeking Australian guerrillas to act as guides for saboteur units that are being dropped into occupied Australian territory. The group returns to Wirrawee, their hometown, accompanied by a platoon of New Zealand troops. However the New Zealanders go missing while on a mission to destroy Wirrawee Airfield which is being used as a major military airbase.

Alone behind enemy lines once more, the group decides to attack the Airfield themselves but a combination of poor planning and bad luck causes them to fail. They return, depressed, to Hell.

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Soon after, through sheer luck, the group find themselves perfectly positioned to attempt another attack on the Airfield. This time they succeed and manage to destroy a majority of planes on the airfield. After the attack, the group find their way to the nearby city of Stratton.

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  8. There they encounter a tribe of feral and hostile children, who have been living on the streets and hiding from enemy troops since the war began. The group rescue five of the children who have been captured by an enemy patrol and escape back to Hell. For a time the group looks after the children.

    Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden - review

    During this time strained relationships are mended and the soul-destroying effects of the war are tempered by a chance to do something positive. However, this period does not last. A patrol ambushes the group near their base and after defeating their attackers in a prolonged firefight the group realises that they are no longer safe in Hell and make contact with New Zealand immediately. They discover that the war is entering its final days and that groups of partisans like themselves are being asked to cause as much chaos behind enemy lines as possible while New Zealand and its allies launch an all-out offensive.

    The group arranges for the feral children to be evacuated to New Zealand and are provided with plastic explosives to carry out their task.

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    The group attacks a service station frequented by enemy convoys and are separated in the aftermath. Ellie is shot in the leg and taken prisoner. While interned, she discovers the location of her mother and father. She escapes and is reunited with her mother whom she stays with until news breaks that the war is over — Australia signs a peace treaty with the occupying power, resulting in the formation of a new nation on the continent for the invading forces and settlers. It transpires that Wirrawee is on the Australian side of the border. Ellie, her mother and her father return to their farm and, like all the other survivors of the war, begin picking up the pieces of their lives.

    Later on she writes to recreate the past which has become a lost world to her and preserve the lessons that she has learnt from it.


    Its presence gives hope to the characters throughout the series. Other notable themes in the series are the role of family and friendship; sexual maturation and the conflicting worldviews of teenagers and adults. He wondered how they might react if they were placed in the same position that their grandparents were at their age. With Tomorrow, When the War Began and its sequels Marsden set out to write an "old fashioned adventure story".

    He sought to emulate their approaches to timing, pacing and building tension and suspense and combine them with "the new teenage genres, where feelings, relationships and character development were all-important. The inspiration for the rural setting of the series was what Marsden saw as the disappearance of the bush tales that he had enjoyed growing up.


    He had noticed that many novels for young people published in recent decades were about issues arising for families and children living in the suburbs. Both are stories about groups of young people battling enemy forces intent on the invasion of Australia.

    The character of Homer was based on a number of students from rural backgrounds that Marsden had taught. He noticed that many of these students, who at home drove cars, ploughed fields, harvested crops, worked as shearers and more, had trouble adjusting to an environment where they "were not trusted to change a light globe or put a Band-Aid on a cut".

    Marsden was inspired to write the character when he noticed that while many teenagers identified themselves as Christians this group was not represented at all in fiction written for them. Though unlike Chris, Marsden never used drugs. He lives at the Tye Estate, just outside of Melbourne, where he opened a school called Candlebark in January John describes Candlebark as his proudest achievement.

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    Matilda Bookshop Login. Cart Whereas I guess in the s, at school especially, there was an emphasis on manners and appearances, and that seemed far more important than reality. So ever since, I've really distrusted appearance. I've been much more interested in reality and trying to get past that mask or that nice veneer and to find out what's really going on inside.

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    7. Following this period of drifting, Marsden decided, in , to try a teaching career. Whilst working at the prestigious Geelong Grammar School , Marsden made the decision to write for teenagers, following his dissatisfaction with his students' apathy towards reading, [4] or the observation that teenagers simply weren't reading anymore. Marsden's highest selling book, Tomorrow, When the War Began has sold between 2 and 3 millions of copies throughout the world, and has been reprinted 26 times in Australia alone. Marsden went on to write seven books in the Tomorrow Series , together with a follow-up trilogy, The Ellie Chronicles despite originally intending for the entire series to only consist of a trilogy.

      Marsden's earlier works are largely novels aimed at teenage or young adult audience. And the absence of love. The way people relate to each other.

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      The way people solve problems. The human spirit. In , Marsden's books took the top six places on the Teenage Fiction best-seller lists for Australia. Following the publication of his first books, Marsden continued as a full-time teacher for some years, whilst continuing to write several books. In January , Marsden purchased the Tye Estate, an hectare natural bush property to the north of Melbourne, in the Hanging Rock area, which, with new additions now comprises hectares. The success of his writing camps inspired Marsden to go further and at the start of he launched his own school, [2] Candlebark School.

      Candlebark's numbers are deliberately kept small, in the interests of maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere, and its philosophy is one of creative lively learning which is purposeful and challenging. The school has a four-year waiting list. Marsden is the school's principal, but also maintains a full-time teaching load, as well as continuing his writing career.

      Due to his commitment to his teaching career, Marsden has indicated that he may never return to writing full time and is not concerned if he does not start any new books.

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