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Planes of existence. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Creatures and monsters. Creature types. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich.

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Lists by edition. Deities and powers.

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Neverwinter Nights series. It would be much better entertainment if non-humans were enslaved and forced to fight to the death there, and so there is real tension there. The Chaotic Neutral nature of Tempus means he supports individual liberty, something the slavery of the non-humans directly contradicts.

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I might be surprised, however. Mielikki does not have a great presence within Hillsfar, but the nearby town of Elventree is a different matter, as it contains a temple to the nature goddess. In Elventree, her servants are very concerned with the discrimination against non-humans found in Hillsfar.

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Many of her followers in this region are aligned with the Harpers, and are likely covertly working in and around Hillsfar to better the plight of non-humans trapped within the city, whilst also dealing with threats found in the nearby wilderness — her followers who are members of the Emerald Enclave would be tending towards those activities. The hatred of non-humans — especially elves — is troubling, but different followers of Mystra would approach it in different ways.

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The legends of the goddess say that she and the dark goddess Shar created the world, and have ceaselessly struggled over it since then. In ages past, the elves were wracked with conflict.

In the end, those that followed evil were banished to the dark places beneath the world, where they were claimed by the demoness Lolth, and forever lost to darkness. Thus were the drow born. However, there are those amongst the elven gods that believe the drow can be redeemed. Eilistraee is chief amongst those.

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She loves beauty and peace, but is angered that so many drow remain lost to evil. Eilistraee is the patron of those drow who have broken free and now attempt to live on the surface or otherwise try to redeem their brethren. A shrine to Eilistraee lies near Elventree, the Dancing Stone, and it is normally attended by a priestess of Eilistraee.

Small likely unstaffed shrines to Chauntea, Silvanus neutral god of the Forests , Eldath guardian of groves , Corellon Larethian chief god of the elves and Rillifane Rallthal elven god of the woodlands can be found in Elventree. Members of other religions will pass through the area, possibly even including your characters! However, those are the chief deities worshipped in Hillsfar and Elventree. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to main content. Chauntea, Goddess of Agriculture Farmers across the world worship Chauntea, whose blessings allow the crops to grow. Mielikki, the Forest Queen Mielikki does not have a great presence within Hillsfar, but the nearby town of Elventree is a different matter, as it contains a temple to the nature goddess. Her temple in Elventree is known as the Hall of the Unicorn. Eilistraee, the Dark Maiden In ages past, the elves were wracked with conflict.