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I think Mark is a fantastic writer. He melds Old Testament and Apocrypha into the popular and classic Greek literature.

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When Telemauchus began to search for his father, he visited some kings who might give insight where to look. He travel on foot to one where there was a feast and he sailed to the other, and so does Jesus. One of the feast had nine ranks of so Mark rounded up for one meal and down for the other. When Jesus is on trial, Peter is outside.

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The Gospel of Mark is really fascinating when you read it as fiction and to recognize the literature of the day. Believing it is like believing the Three Bears. Not all are meant to understand. Nobody gives to hell for not believing. The 10 Commandments. How do you stack up?

Ever told a lie? Ever stolen anything? Ever looked at a woman with lust?

Chapter 5: The Significance of Knowledge of the Historical Jesus and His Teaching

And those are just 4 of the God has written these laws upon the human conscience. You know in your heart they are wrong.

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas Explained

You are lying and you deserve hell for lying…except your believe the right thoughts so you will be ok. Otto, one day you will stand in front of Jesus Christ. You will be judged according to your righteousness or his righteousness. If you choose to stand in your own righteousness, please know that every thought and action in your life is known to him.

Every lie. Every thing you ever stole.

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It is for those sins that you will be sent into eternal and everlasting punishment. And that same word tells us that all who repent and trust in Christ will be forgiven and receive eternal life. Please consider this. Your religion is a joke, I take it no more seriously than Scientology. You are part of a cult and you spread poison and lies. I also find it interesting that after I show that you contradicted yourself and your religion you completely ignored it.

Go sell your snake oil somewhere else Mr. Con Man.

John, Jesus, and History, Volume 2: Aspects of Historicity in the Fourth Gospel - PDF Free Download

Please consider that. You have a wild and hateful imagination. If you ever find yourself actually believing all that nonsense affects other people and their real lives, please get some mental health help. And you wonder why your arguments fail? Just by magic? You are talking to an awful lot of ex-christians who have heard this nonsense and eventually realized there is no reason whatsoever to believe it.

You are either too indoctrinated to think or such an unwilling thinker that indoctrination is the most comfortable thing that could ever have happened to you.. I oringinally resounded precisely in topic contradictions in the Bible. As for support, I have answered consistently from my worldview and the Bible remember it is the topic.

You posture yourself as the judge of truth as do others here, but not one has offered a foundation for truth in their worldview other than their subjective opinion. Pretend all you like. Indeed, when negative or adverse outcomes are the explicit result of a decision, not mentioning them is insincere and absurd.

Be a shame if anything happened to it. What the shout is depends on whether the cliff is real or a figment of the imagination of the person shouting. We have read the same book you have and realize it is mostly fiction. We are trying to make you turn around so you can return to reality. Forget it. I guess you missed John For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him emphasis mine shall not perish but have eternal life.

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  • Chapter 5: The Significance of Knowledge of the Historical Jesus and His Teaching!

Moses smashed the tablets and went to get another set. Read Exodus 34 for the actual Ten Commandments. That is correct. And Moses read from those new tablets in Deuteronomy 5. How are you stacking up by those, Bob. I fail miserably and I need a savior. Yeah, in Gnosticism. But tell me more about this enormous gap in my knowledge of ancient literature.

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Yeah, I know. Unimportant—it still sucks. If your god thingy is perfectly good and love is one of his attributes, then love must be good.


Top 20 Most Damning Bible Contradictions

If the god thingy fails at loving, then it is not perfectly good. There is nothing more evil than torturing someone for long periods of time, except for doing it to billions of people. Therefore, your concept of God is evil which cannot be described as perfectly good. I am trying to think of a scenario where I would condone creating a place where my spaniel would yelp, catch fire, and tremble forever the next time he jumps into the front seat of my car. We have violated his very character and nature.

And that is a very serious act. A potter can do what he wants with a pot but it is irrational for the potter to blame the pot and to punish it for how it is made. Your rhetorical question does not address the question I asked. This is one of the things that makes absolutely no sense. None of us asked to be created. God supposedly is omniscient, which means that he created us knowing that he was creating the vast majority of mankind for eternal torment.

He dragged people into eternal existence, judges them for a blink of an eye moment in time only to condemn them to eternal torment. Markus throws around attributes of God like love, justice, perfectly good and yet these things are the exact opposite. The story simply makes no sense. The emperor has no clothes. I mean, at least come up with something believable, right? Your god is a sadistic, vindictive asshole if he even thinks about punishing us for eternity.

It only matters that the judge is real and has absolute authority.