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Our current project is The Comicverse, a sci-fi rom-com about a comic book shop in space. Zine includes both the sketches and the stories. Active in several radical publishing collectives, her writing often blends anti-capitalist theory with personal stories.

In her zine, Kerri shares the story of her hearing loss, how it affects her relationships with others, tips for hearing people on how to be a better ally to deaf folks, and much more. Each piece of writing fiction and non-fiction prose, as well as poetry and art somehow focuses on one of these stages, either in relation to death or another major or not so major life event. Lots of photos! Lotuspoet is influenced by E. Cummings, Rumi, Ursula K. Lotuspoet has written poems, short stories, screenplays and is the writer and co-plotter of a comic book. This zine is for expressing and sharing her love of writing and art.

We at Metropolarity believe that those without power must take advantage and control of the media outlets that we have access to. We choose science fiction as our lens to create new worlds and identities, and to destroy old, harmful ones.

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We see artists, educators, and activists for community building, skill-sharing, and narrative creation. Hear our memes. Let them overtake you. Fueled by beer, video games, and kitty cat paws. All draw heavily—sometimes completely—from primary source documents and other archival materials. Coming from an anti-oppression frame work we acknowledge that poc identify in a myriad of ways and work towards our distro reflecting this.

We started our distro this year and we encourage like minded folks to get in touch with us about distroing their work. Written by someone whose actually been there. Also, apocalypse, vegetables, adult acne and revolution.

She makes comics, solo as well as collaboratively as a writer; illustrations; and sings in a post-punk pop group. This first issue is about New York, the home I left at almost 30 years old. It is 36 pages and the covers are individually screen printed. Habits of Being is both a print and an audio zine. The audio version, on cassette tape with a digital download, is 37 minutes long and is similar to the format of a podcast.

Recent and back issues will be available.


Also available will be chapbooks of her poems, Escape Route and Between the Parking Lots , that combine lived experience and thought with surprising imagery in plain language. Do you wander the streets aimlessly, drifting in underworlds and diasporic chasms, a craven fuckhole seeking yr fill by yr kin and yr deities? My sissy bitch, will you follow me to the ends of the earth spewing beatific masochist mantras? Yes, my dear, you will. You will. A desperate spritual plea. Collaged and written by Voyager. This year she is proud to unveil a handful of new projects, including a split zine with the Australian writer Vanessa Berry, a series of small books about fashion illustrated by the artist Nicholas Beckett, and a collaborative zine with the indomitable Sarah Mangle which it should go without saying comes with puppets of Sarah and Katie.

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We recruit and train members to participate in group projects. Through group projects we not only promote ourselves, but promote other members as well. I take everyday dialog and point out the humor with in it. My work includes a series of fan art prints based on Twin Peaks and a matching stationary set. Also includes map legends and a brief essay. The publication was designed by Sara Dean linch-pin. I am also promoting a future webcomic.

Here we go!!! Mostly frivolous personal zines featuring comics with talking coffee cups and philosophizing insects, and musings about awesome s sitcom crossovers that never were. It is a mix of photos, personal stories, lists, feminist issues, social topics and opinions. We also have a color photo zine which is a collection of our favorite photos documenting the NYC SlutWalk.

I like documenting my daily adventures and sharing ridiculously personal information.

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Nonfiction memoir submission based literary zine. I sold at PZF in In her zine, Kerri writes about the story of her hearing loss, how it affects her relationships with others, tips for hearing people on how to be a better ally to deaf folks, and much more. It likes to take typical dialog and point out the humor within it. Find him online at www. Her recent work include a Risograph-printed comic book of James Joyce stories. The aim is to cover all different perspectives and topics that are not usually mentioned, by people who are often not heard. Also, cheap artwork.

Comics and such! Zine City Comics is a miscellany of comics about existential phenomenology told through creatures lives. Sometimes both. Gardner Silent City Distro is an infoshop and studio space in Ithaca NY, providing resources for self-publishing and zine distribution. Comics with words and without words. Comics about evolution and the universe. How this affects their art is a confusing journey into violence, perversion,and magic. The end result is a slew of distorted interpretations of what it means to be a young man outside of popular American ideals, handled with humor and crude finesse.

Topics so far have included, love, sex, alcohol, and premature baldness. Our zine is a collection of stories, art prints, photos, recipes, etc.

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Each issue features local and international semi- autobiographical comics around a central theme. Check us out! I write everything from lists to lengthy portraits of mental illness, but my secret weapon is dark comedic artwork. I also will be selling awesome indie crafts that were a hit last show when I brought just a few.

Secret Identity is a zine about gender and sexual identity. Together, they fight crime! I keep attempting to write a zine but failing miserably. Special print-only stories will be available, as long as some of my other art. Her daily life includes being an illustrator, a nanny, a bike rider, a gardener, a dog buddy, and a twenty something year old trying to figure out her place in life.


He is a designer, illustrator and musician and just moved to Philly. The ArmzRace is a semi-collaborative effort to create comics, to learn, and to have a good time doing so. We welcome new collaborates with open armz. Come by our table for a printing demo, purchase titles by affiliated zinesters, and learn more about our library, studio membership, and programming.

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  • We also welcome your zine donations. It has been around over about 10 years now, has a dedicated group of writers and readers, and a new issue will be coming out just in time for the fest. That will be with me as well!

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    Plus a few personal zines from members of our team, poems, and history. Check us out at www. Solo-penned issues are generally annotated reading logs, or personal essays. Written under the pseudonym For fans of tension, cybersex, and the ruined earth beyond. Queer speculative fiction by a 90s anime cyberpunk-obsessed creep. For cyborgs by cyborgs. We carry over 70 personal, political, fiction, and how-to zines. What that something is though is up to the reader! Subjects includes members of: Judas Priest, W. Each zine is handmade from the inner sleeve of a bad 80s record I bought at the Goodwill.