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We will focus on a couple of reaction mechanisms. The common theme will be to find expressions that will allow us to calculate the concentration of the different species that take part of the reaction at different reaction times. Objectives Be able to identify the dependent and independent variables in a differential equation. Be able to identify whether an ordinary differential equation ODE is linear or nonlinear.

Be able to find the general and particular solutions of linear first order ODEs. Be able to find the general and particular solutions of separable first order ODEs.

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Understand how to verify that the solution you got in a problem satisfies the differential equation and initial conditions. Linear algebra is directly applied to the analysis of systems with constant or periodic coefficients and metaphorically applied as a guide in the study of eigenvalues and eigenfunction expansions. Another important theme is the use of power series. In addition to their usual role in the analysis of equations and special functions arising in applications, matrix-valued series are used for the development of the exponential function and related functions with matrix arguments.

Our third main thread is the application of the methods of real analysis. Sign in Help View Cart. Manage this Book.

Singular solutions of differential equation - DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION #1

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MATH3270B - Ordinary Differential Equations - 2018/19

E-mail Alerts. RSS Feeds. Title Information. Series: Other Titles in Applied Mathematics. Buy the Print Edition. Author s : Earl A. Coddington and Robert Carlson.

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Earl A. Coddington : University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Keywords: ordinary differential equations , linear differential equations , linear algebra , power series , real analysis. Return to All Sections.

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Front Matter. Simple Applications. Properties of Linear Systems. Constant Coefficients.

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Periodic Coefficients. Analytic Coefficients.

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