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Prostate cancer is the second most commonly occurring cancer in men and the fourth most commonly occurring cancer overall. Approximately 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. These improved assays will continue to spur market momentum and supplement, or perhaps someday replace less-than reliable PSA tests. Other new diagnostics technologies, such as targeted prostate biopsy using MRI-ultrasound MRI-US fusion, is allowing accurate diagnosis of serious tumors not typically found with conventional biopsy, while providing a method for repeat biopsy of specific tumor-bearing sites for men in active surveillance.

Fusion devices are allowing the urologist to combine MRI and other images to more accurately guide prostate biopsy in an outpatient clinic setting. The report provides the following useful information: an epidemiological overview of prostate cancer analysis of selected leading diagnostic and minimally invasive treatment products for prostate cancer competitive analysis, including estimated market share and emerging competition insight into factors driving and limiting market growth estimated five-year market forecasts Markets covered by this analysis include the US, Japan, the five major EU markets France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK , and the Rest of World RoW markets, which includes all other countries.

Well, his mom just got diagnosed with cancer and has a couple months to live. He's devastated.

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What are the ethics of breaking up here? I dislike just ghosting, but he's got other friends and lovers to support him. He doesn't really need me. But he does on occasion send little "thinking of you" texts. So am I able to ghost him? Do I owe him a conversation about wants and needs?

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Being friendly is the trick to remaining friends after a casual sexual arrangement ends.

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Kindly acknowledging someone's texts—or greeting someone in public—doesn't obligate you to sleep with or submit to them again. And while in most cases I would advise a person to be direct, in this case, I think you should simply step back. Calling him to say, "Hey, I know your mom has cancer and is dying, but I needed to tell you I'm not interested in fucking around anymore, OK? Now, if you were this man's primary partner, GHOSTS, and you'd been thinking about ending the relationship before he got the news about his mother, I would encourage you to wait a few months and love and support him through this process.

Unless the relationship was abusive, of course, which this one wasn't. But you're just a FWB—a "friend with bruises," in your case—and this man has other friends and lovers around him, people whose support he can rely on during this difficult time. Download the Savage Lovecast every Tuesday at savagelovecast. Switch to the mobile version of this page. The Chicago Reader.

Related Stories. Subscribe to this thread:. It normally gets bigger with age and the resulting compression on the outlet of the bladder results in symptoms like getting up in the night and poor stream. And most of these are just due to age related change - not cancer - indeed cancer often causes no symptoms. One way to pick up otherwise silent cancers is to do a PSA blood test. PSA is a protein produced exclusively by the prostate and disease of the gland - cancerous or otherwise - allows it to leach into the blood, raising levels.

Ed Rowe is a Consultant Urologist based in Bristol. I joined him in one of his busy clinics at Weston General Hospital. How accurate a predictor of problems is it? On the converse side of that the PSA does provide an early warning signal for prostate cancer and the chance to pick it up early, particularly for men who have a more aggressive and significant form of the disease.

There is unequivocal evidence that PSA testing saves lives. But at a cost. And the cost is that you have to treat and you have to diagnose so many others in order to save one man from dying of prostate cancer or from having disease progression. Freddie Hamdy is Professor of Surgery and Urology at the University of Oxford, and chief investigator of the landmark ProtecT study looking at the management of men with prostate cancer picked up by abnormal PSA levels.

But a high PSA level did not mean that you had cancer, you needed to have the biopsy.

Facing the Tiger : A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer and the People Who Love Them -

At the same time there was a surgeon in the US and an anatomist in Europe who together refined and developed the operation of radical prostatectomy, to remove the prostate for cancer purposes. Indolent means that they are not likely to cause any harm over a period of lifetime and they were treated. So two things emerged over time. First of all, over detection of cancer and the second one is that many of these cancers were over treated.

Secondly, you can over treat it, that seems counterintuitive too. Yes, yes. So over detection of a cancer means that you detect cancers which over a period of a lifetime are not likely to cause harm. Once patients know that they have cancer one automatic reaction is to say I want that cancer treated which then will push them perhaps to receive a treatment, the treatment itself will be unnecessary and therefore over detection can lead to over treatment.

Facing the Tiger A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer and the People Who Love Them

And the over treatment was this operation and the consequences of that would be what? Yeah my heart sinks very often when we hear celebrities tell us that their life was saved by having a PSA test done. The worst a test is, the poorer it performs, the more false alarms we create. And the more false alarms are created the more treatment people have for conditions that were never going to become life threatening and were never going to harm people in any way. The problem is that it has unintended consequences. There have been many attempts to try and categorise the men into high risk, low risk and intermediate risk, that attempted to put patients in pigeonholes.

The problem is we now know that these pigeonholes are not necessarily accurate. So we can underestimate or we can overestimate the risk of the disease progressing over a lifetime and causing harm.

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And the challenge looking forward is to pick up these men and work out which of these men need aggressive treatment? The biggest challenge is at an early diagnose to be able to say this is a good cancer, this is a bad cancer. To pick the bad cancer and to give them everything we have in terms of treatment so that we prevent them from dying of what can be a really quite bad disease.

I was seeing a specialist about something else, found a lump, kept an eye on it. But I think it was after about a year a consultant suggested that I ought to have a biopsy.

So a man has an elevated PSA and that is a trigger for what we call a trans-rectal ultrasound biopsy. Now we have no idea whether that man has a prostate cancer. Went back about four or five months later, had another check, consultant suggested that maybe I ought to have an MRI scan. You just lie down for half an hour, they play some music to you and they do the scan — very easy. So the next stage was that they suggested another biopsy but a more invasive one where they would have to give me a general anaesthetic and knock me out completely. What it did is ask around men to have an MRI, which was the new test.

We also asked me to have the old test, which is the random biopsy of the prostate.