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Mendaftar Login Registrasi Fundraising: The main focus of this book is on the development of electrospun membranes for advanced biomedical technologies including tissue engineering and drug delivery devices. Serving as a reference book for the beginner this book also provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges to be overcome in the future. Each section of the book covers not only the developments in the various fields of application of the electrospun meshes, but also the advances required for the successful development of new and high-end biomedical applications.

Important areas tackled include: -Biomedical applications of the technology -Specific aspects of equipments and materials -Surface characterization and functionalization -In vitro testing with electrospun meshes. In all of these areas the main achievements, challenges ahead and expert opinions are given, making this book highly unusual in the level of detail covered.

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  • Recent advances in electrospinning technology and biomedical applications of electrospun fibers.
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Recent advances in electrospinning technology and biomedical applications of electrospun fibers

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